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What is Up With Windows XP?

You are probably starting to hear about the need to upgrade your Windows XP computers.  Why do you need to upgrade?  Windows XP isn’t going to suddenly stop working, or require you to pay money or anything.  Microsoft is going to discontinue updating the software after April of 2014.  So, what is up with Windows […]

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5 Tips to Protect Your Business Computer

Hackers and spammers are actively looking for computers to exploit and the small business is the most common target.  Small business owners are typically not IT professionals and don’t have time to keep up and protect against the latest threats.  Despite that, there are some pretty simple things you can do in order to keep […]

I know just enough to make things take too long.

I decided it’d be cool to make my computer as complicated as possible. Well if I’m going to be supporting people again I need to really get comfy in Vista. What better way than to start using it at home. Of course that means either wiping my XP partition or… Resizing my XP partition so […]

Windows XP, Vista, Seven…. What to do?

Brien Posey is one of my favorite authors and I will go out of my way to read his articles. Not necessarily because I agree with him, but rather because he’s not a Microsoft stooge. If M$ is wrong, he won’t try and gloss it over. That earns my respect. I caught his article on […]