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Windows 10 Upgrade

I’ve been working with Windows since version 3.0.  That’s a span of about 25 years now.  In that time we’ve seen 9 major releases, and being in IT I’ve been on what you might call the bleeding edge of those upgrades.  We’ve worked through countless bugs, corrupt media, obsolete hardware and every other stumbling block […]

This image shows confusing street signs.

Still Using Windows XP? Here’s Some Bad Advice

Microsoft Windows XP still works even though Microsoft has given us several replacements in Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.  But some users won’t give up XP.  Why?  Because it works!  It’s stable, fast, and good enough for most people.  Over 25 percent of the world’s computers still run on Windows XP […]

Windows 7 Update

I’m spending a bit of free time exploring Windows 7, and the new features it brings over Vista. One that caught my eye recently is “Libraries”. The concept is that you can link together, in a logical container, different sources of information which are inter-related so that you can conduct searches in one logical place […]

Windows 7… Wasn’t really worth waiting for.

I watched the Windows Vista release very closely because I was aware of a great many bad things about it. Microsoft’s ignorance to address these key problems pre-release led me to take the approach that it was a release to be avoided. This was going to be another Windows ME. When you look back at […]