Ello, What’s This?

By Marie Stewart Ello seems to be the latest attempt at unseating such popular social networks as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.  With its highly designed web pages covered in white space and circles, it reminds me of the mobile game Dots.  Since Dots did so well in its first few months after release, to the […]

Small Business Take Heed

There’s enough IT things working against small business; from predatory consultants to vague billing from subscription services like phone and internet use. Your relationship with your bank is one of those things that’s relied upon for all your critical business needs. Today’s ruling spells out in clear terms that you are responsible for conducting your […]

Hello LinkedIn

I belonged to a professional internet community years and years ago which I just thought was the greatest. In the big bust, that site went the way of the dodo, and pretty wickedly too since I don’t even remember it anymore (I last logged into it in 1996…). Anyway, my wife joined LinkedIn and immediately […]