a happy computer technology user on the left and an angry one on the right

10 Positive and Negative Technology Changes that Affect Business Operations

Your technology – everything in your office from physical devices to information networks – has an incredibly transformative influence on your business world and economy.  Not only does your technology impact the smallest details of day-to-day business operations by increasing the productivity of workers and investments, accelerating economic activity, promoting interdependence between industries, and allowing […]

Ello, What’s This?

By Marie Stewart Ello seems to be the latest attempt at unseating such popular social networks as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.  With its highly designed web pages covered in white space and circles, it reminds me of the mobile game Dots.  Since Dots did so well in its first few months after release, to the […]

This image shows a person upset with their computer or business backup, email message bounces or computer won't shut down

Phishing, Spam, Fake Email, how to tell??

Avoiding Email Threats For years I’ve had a Hotmail account I use to sign up for contests, get whitepapers, register software, and unimportant things. When I get mail on this account, it is 100% stuff I don’t really care about. Usually someone sold that email address to someone else and they are now sending me […]

Image shows a young man angry with his computer slow because he didn't get disaster recovery

Disaster Recovery: Success is better failure.

Back again with the second post of the month, this time about Disaster Recovery Users of the Sidekick and Bing have come to learn the importance of Disaster Recovery. Bing users were definitely inconvenienced by the power outage at the sole location of Bing service resources. Sidekick users had it a bit worse; losing all […]