Plain cartoon character in a field of question marks wondering what he might need to know.

What You Need to Know – Internet Services

What You Need to Know! One of the reasons we started our IT services firm is because there are people who do this work who really don’t have their client’s best interests at heart. We usually see this most prominently when we start working with a new client. Many of the clients are frightened that […]

Online Shopping Security – Can You Trust That Vendor?

After a lot of time and energy, your research has paid off and you have found the item that you want to purchase.  You even found it at a great price!  But before you complete your online shopping, are you sure that your credit card information is safe? Despite the popularity of online shopping, it isn’t […]

This image shows a person upset with their computer or business backup, email message bounces or computer won't shut down

Computer Won’t Shut Down?

What Should You Do If Your Computer Won’t Shut Down? You’re all done with your computer and you’re ready to shut it down.  You go through the process but the computer either doesn’t respond or it appears to shut down and really goes into a sort of sleep mode (in other words, you type or […]

people in consumer electronics retail store looking at a new laptop, television and photo camera to buy

Tips on Buying a New Laptop

Introduction Here at Stewart and Son we get asked quite frequently about what kind of laptops are the best. Mobile devices, including laptops, are changing so fast, it’s really hard to keep up with. On top of that, there are dozens of manufacturers with hundreds of models to suit practically everyone. It’s daunting to keep […]

graphic of devil coming out of computer screens surprising user who doesn't know how to keep information safe

How to Keep Your Information Safe

How to Keep Your Information Safe Spoofing, phishing, keystroke loggers, malware, and schemes.  You cannot turn around anymore without hearing about someone that has been hacked or had their data compromised.  So, you ask yourself, what’s a computer user to do to keep information safe?  Below are some tips that we’ve put together to help […]

graphic shows a number of piled up social media marketing logos

Dos and Donts of Social Media Marketing

Marketing your business through social media is a must for businesses in today’s market.  However, getting started can be very daunting if you have no idea what etiquette to implement or follow.  To add to that stress, social networks are in a constant state of evolution making it all the more difficult to stay on […]

Image shows a young man angry with his computer slow because he didn't get disaster recovery

Why is my computer slow?

You just clicked the button and nothing happened. There is a spinning wheel, hourglass, or some indicator that the computer is struggling to do what you need it to. You know the last time here, you never had the computer slow – or you’ve noticed it getting worse. Is your hard drive failing? Do you […]

Keyboard showing keys named Security and Malfunction with an unlocked padlock indicating a Cyber Security Mistake

Cyber Security Mistakes to Avoid

Did you know that the average cyber attack cost a small businesses over $20,000 in 2014? That number is expected to go up when you consider new cyber security threats like ransomware and the impact on how that can damage your business. Productivity stoppage, data recovery, and lost sales opportunities all add up. Not Knowing […]

windows 10 screen presentation with silhouette of person speaking

Windows 10 – Free Offer Expiration – Time To Upgrade

Microsoft confirmed last week that the free upgrade to Windows 10 will expire on July 29th, 2016. Yours truly was expecting an extension, but it seems that the market penetration is good enough for Microsoft at this time (they can still extend later of course). The free upgrade will allow you to upgrade your copy […]

password dialog with entry field

Securing Everything: Password

Merriam-Webster says the first use of the word “password” was 1799, but I’m quite sure it goes farther back than that. Imagining some back alley door with a small eye-window which some shady fellow asking for a pass-phrase is kind of ironic considering how we regard the word today. Passwords are what we need to […]