Voice Over Internet Protocol

Why VoIP is Better Than Conventional Phones

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone systems are getting more popular for business use.  You may be asking yourself, what’s so great about this technology and what can it do for me?  Here are some of the reasons you should consider switching to VoIP: Low to No Maintenance Some hosted solutions require no maintenance, repairs, […]

Audit Your Data Security

Data Security – How to Audit Your Company

After the Equifax data breach, it should be obvious why any business should audit the security of their data.  Most companies keep everything from inventory lists to customer financial data.  Data breaches could lead to legal and financial liability, bad publicity,  and potential law suits or fines by the government. Therefore, it is important that companies […]

VoIP Phones – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

There is a lot to consider before making the leap to a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone.  It isn’t a decision to take lightly without a great deal of thought.  There are many benefits to making the switch from traditional to an internet phone but, depending on the service, there can be issues that […]

Owning Your Technology Problems

Unlike Most IT Suppliers, We Take Ownership of Your Technology Problems It’s a common story: it’s crunch time and a vital piece of software is not working properly. You’ve tried calling your IT service provider but they tell you they don’t support the software.  So, you or one of your employees calls the software company. […]

woman thinking of business plan strategies

Why Include Technology in your Business Planning

Technology decisions may be costly or difficult to change later.  Forecasting what hardware and software your business needs to remain competitive requires planning and organization.  In order to stay ahead of the curve, include technology into your regular business planning and strategy sessions.  Generating a plan will help maintain your environment, train your staff, and support employees who […]

Windows 10 logo with text "Windows 10" in white on blue field

Windows 10, Threshold 2 Update – What Can You Expect?

Microsoft has been working on a major update of Windows 10, known by the codename Threshold 2 or Fall Update, and it is expected to release during the first week of November. Some sources indicate that a release may occur as early as November 2nd. This update will contain several tweaks and features including redesigned […]

This image shows a happy couple looking at a laptop at the beach

5 Tips to Tech-Safe Travel

Summer is a great time to travel and many of us bring our technology along so we can share the fun and keep up with everyone back home.  We know about all the tips to keep our homes safe, like having someone pick up your mail and newspapers, leaving a light or television on to make […]

This image shows a compass set to service.

Our Theory of Service

Our theory of service is unique.  But first, you may be asking:  What is a Theory of Service? For Stewart and Son Computer Services, it is our mission statement in how we approach every service experience.  We are true believers in the idea that our customer’s success with their technology is what will bring us […]

This image shows the Windows 8 desktop.

Windows 8 Full Review

  Introduction   Thank you for reading my Windows 8 full review.  I initially started my review on both the Lenovo Twist convertible laptop/tablet and Windows 8 with two YouTube videos you can see on the Stewart and Son YouTube Channel here:  https://www.youtube.com/user/stewartandson  Since then, I found there’s an audience who would prefer to read […]

Image shows computer with post-it notes describing how Technology Does Not Solve All Problems

Technology Doesn’t Solve All Problems

My first BIG IT job was working for Andersen Consulting in Northbrook, IL as a Network Administrator.  The facility at Northbrook was huge; 6 five-story adjacent office buildings housing over 1,500 people who were responsible for managing the global corporation.  The server room was over 2,500 square feet, and housed over 100 physical servers and […]