This image shows a person upset with their computer or business backup, email message bounces or computer won't shut down

Computer Won’t Shut Down?

What Should You Do If Your Computer Won’t Shut Down? You’re all done with your computer and you’re ready to shut it down.  You go through the process but the computer either doesn’t respond or it appears to shut down and really goes into a sort of sleep mode (in other words, you type or […]

Windows 10 logo with text "Windows 10" in white on blue field

Windows 10, Threshold 2 Update – What Can You Expect?

Microsoft has been working on a major update of Windows 10, known by the codename Threshold 2 or Fall Update, and it is expected to release during the first week of November. Some sources indicate that a release may occur as early as November 2nd. This update will contain several tweaks and features including redesigned […]

This image shows a woman cutting through the noise of Windows 8.

Cutting Through the Noise About Windows 8

Windows 8 is out now and for the last few months we’ve heard that it is either great or it is awful.  There’s something else about Windows 8 out there and that is silence. Windows 8 hasn’t really taken off.  If you compare this release with Windows Vista, it is arguably worse, and that is really saying something since […]

This image shows the Windows 8 desktop.

Windows 8 Full Review

  Introduction   Thank you for reading my Windows 8 full review.  I initially started my review on both the Lenovo Twist convertible laptop/tablet and Windows 8 with two YouTube videos you can see on the Stewart and Son YouTube Channel here:  Since then, I found there’s an audience who would prefer to read […]

image shows a woman appearing to be sorry

Sorry, No More Windows Sidebar or Gadgets!

When Windows Vista came out, Microsoft touted a great new feature called Gadgets (originally mounted to the Sidebar in Vista but were free-floating in Windows 7) which we were led to believe was a very innovative and unique desktop feature.  These modular little programs hovered on your desktop doing a variety of little functions like […]