Case Study: Managed Cloud Backups

Crunch time was upon us.  Myself and my team had been working many long hours and spending way too much time at the office to complete a major project for our client.  We had just a few hours of work left when disaster struck.  If it hadn’t been for the cloud backup, we would have […]

puzzle pieces of a managed security strategy with the word security in the open surrounded by like words

Security Strategy

Layered Approach to Security A door isn’t always enough to keep people out, so we create locks. Locks can be broken, so we create security systems. Just because we have a security system, doesn’t mean we don’t have a door. Each component works with the others to help guarantee security. It’s all part of a […]

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7 Steps to Technology Success

Computers, smart phones, servers, networks and tablets are all forms of technology and there’s some basic tips that will improve the return on your investment. Below are seven steps to success with your technology. 1. Buy What You Need Asking yourself what it is you need to use this technology for is the best way […]

This image shows a library full of computer backups

To Backup or Archive?

Many users don’t know whether they should backup or archive their information, what the uses are for each, and how they should be stored. Let’s start with some definitions. A backup is a collection of data stored on non-volatile storage media for purposes of recovery in case the original copy of data is lost or […]

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‘Tis the Season for Computer Concerns!

From season to season there are things we should keep in mind that are unique, but no season has more to be concerned about than winter!  Therefore, ’tis the season for computer concerns! Holiday Email Winter Temps and Humidity Shopping for Technology Disaster Recovery Holiday Email & Software For many years now, electronic greeting cards […]

This image shows a person upset with their computer or business backup, email message bounces or computer won't shut down

What Does it Mean When My Email Message Bounces?

A frequent question we get from our customers is “Why did my mail bounce?” They refer to a situation when they send an email message, and after a few moments there’s an automated reply.  Usually from “Mail Delivery Subsystem” or a similar system information message. Before I get into what those things mean, a quick […]