This image shows three laptops with a world map connected to the blue 3D word BACKUP business backup 3 Keys To Computer Network Performance

3 Keys To Computer Network Performance

I was asked a general question about performance for different backup options, including the cloud.  Such general questions usually elicit a long-winded reply from me.  The response was so welcomed; I was encouraged to make a blog post about it, so here you are:  the 3 keys to computer network performance. Speed has more to […]

This image shows a young woman frustrated with the lack of punctuality and response time on her computer

0.1 Seconds Flat: Punctuality and Response-Time

stewart and son computer services Response-Time: 0.1 seconds.  That’s all people are willing to wait these days for a mouse click response, pointer movement, window movement or resizing, keypress, button press, or pretty much anything involving eye-hand coordination.  Anything longer and we start to wonder if we should chuck the faithful hunk of junk we’ve […]

Image shows a young man troubleshooting a computer

Local Computer Repair Services

Local Computer Repair Services Stewart and Son Computer Services is changing the way you view onsite computer services.  Period. What do you think of when you hear the word concierge?  Or when you read it for that matter?  Do you know the meaning or are you reminded of more obscure things like a fancy hat […]