Ello, What’s This?

By Marie Stewart Ello seems to be the latest attempt at unseating such popular social networks as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.  With its highly designed web pages covered in white space and circles, it reminds me of the mobile game Dots.  Since Dots did so well in its first few months after release, to the […]

Are the Things that Save You Money Costing You Time?

There is an oft-repeated phrase when it comes to business; “time is money!”  This is certainly true and we have to be keenly aware of the time we’re spending so we can maximize our profitability. But how often do you ask:  Are the things that save you money costing you time? When we are using […]

Support your local developers!

We are seeing more and more widely-deployed applications change on a frequent basis. Microsoft’s Office product changed significantly in 2007 and another big change came out just last year. For most users these changes were completely unnecessary, but in order to remain compatible with new document standards they were forced to upgrade. Adobe Reader’s product […]

Debriefing from the South Sound Technology Conference

For about 3 years now I ahve been planning on attending the South Sound Technology Conference but haven’t had much opportunity. This year I just put it on the calendar and pushed through to go and I’m quite glad I did. I very much enjoyed the keynote by Congressman Adam Smith. I was particularly keen […]

Open Sourcing Small Business

One of the big things I wanted to use this blog for was telling a story about Open Source in small to mid-size business. I’ve specialized in IT for small and mid-sized business for some time now, both in an administrative and consulting roles. In my spare time I try and find/test open source solutions […]