This image shows a person upset with their computer or business backup, email message bounces or computer won't shut down

Computer Won’t Shut Down?

What Should You Do If Your Computer Won’t Shut Down? You’re all done with your computer and you’re ready to shut it down.  You go through the process but the computer either doesn’t respond or it appears to shut down and really goes into a sort of sleep mode (in other words, you type or […]

Owning Your Technology Problems

Unlike Most IT Suppliers, We Take Ownership of Your Technology Problems It’s a common story: it’s crunch time and a vital piece of software is not working properly. You’ve tried calling your IT service provider but they tell you they don’t support the software.  So, you or one of your employees calls the software company. […]

Image shows a young man troubleshooting a computer

Troubleshooting Your Computer

I’d like to share some basic troubleshooting tips in today’s blog post. You may recognize these as some of the more common and perhaps irritating things that those help desk people ask you to do. I’ll include some explanations about why they’re important. Issue Categories Hard Drive Full: Probably one of the most overlooked problems. […]

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Our Theory of Service

Our theory of service is unique.  But first, you may be asking:  What is a Theory of Service? For Stewart and Son Computer Services, it is our mission statement in how we approach every service experience.  We are true believers in the idea that our customer’s success with their technology is what will bring us […]

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Computer Repair Tacoma WA

Stewart and Son Computer Services, LLC is the premier University Place computer repair solution you can trust.  We cover everything from virus protection and removal to the blue screen of death (even sad mac!).  We are located in the greater Tacoma WA area of University Place and come to you!  We travel up to 10 miles from our central location at your convenience.  If you could use an affordable IT specialist at either your place of business or residence, Stewart and Son will always accommodate.  Technical support from home and/or on site at your business is our specialty.  Our on site tech support is next to none in the University Place region and we stand by our work.

We greatly anticipate this, our new blog, and keeping you up to date on the latest IT news.  Please visit our website at

Image shows computer with post-it notes describing how Technology Does Not Solve All Problems

Technology Doesn’t Solve All Problems

My first BIG IT job was working for Andersen Consulting in Northbrook, IL as a Network Administrator.  The facility at Northbrook was huge; 6 five-story adjacent office buildings housing over 1,500 people who were responsible for managing the global corporation.  The server room was over 2,500 square feet, and housed over 100 physical servers and […]