The Top 8 Benefits of Networking Your Printers

Should you purchase a printer for each workstation in your office or should you just buy a few printing devices and network them together? This is something small business owners must consider when they have employees who also need to print documents.  In most situations, networking your printers is the best idea.  Below, we will […]

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What’s Interfering with My WiFi Network Signal?

There are many items in, and features of, your household that could be slowing down your WiFi network signal.  In this post, we will discuss some of the various items that could be interfering with your wireless network’s signal. Household Appliances Issues usually occur when you have a WiFi network that operates on the 2.4GHz […]

Windows 10 Updates and Privacy

I have a few updates for you on Windows 10,  from new revelations are coming out in the media, as well as my testing experiences.  Overall, no regrets on my part.  The Windows 10 experience is pretty positive for me and I still maintain that if you have Windows 8 or 8.1 you should get […]

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Windows 10 Upgrade

I’ve been working with Windows since version 3.0.  That’s a span of about 25 years now.  In that time we’ve seen 9 major releases, and being in IT I’ve been on what you might call the bleeding edge of those upgrades.  We’ve worked through countless bugs, corrupt media, obsolete hardware and every other stumbling block […]

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7 Steps to Technology Success

Computers, smart phones, servers, networks and tablets are all forms of technology and there’s some basic tips that will improve the return on your investment. Below are seven steps to success with your technology. 1. Buy What You Need Asking yourself what it is you need to use this technology for is the best way […]

Ello, What’s This?

By Marie Stewart Ello seems to be the latest attempt at unseating such popular social networks as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.  With its highly designed web pages covered in white space and circles, it reminds me of the mobile game Dots.  Since Dots did so well in its first few months after release, to the […]

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Your Own IT Professional at Your Beck and Call

By Marie Stewart Wade and I have been together for 27 years and married for 26.  In all of the time that we have been together, I have never had to call IT support, log any kind of repair tickets, or rely on my Google searching expertise to find answers to the myriad of issues […]

This image shows how the Case Study: Managed Services will lower cost and increase productivity and efficiency

Case Study: Managed Services

Many companies are in a position to be too small to hire a full time IT staff person, but too big to have one person manage all the issues they might have.  Add servers and a complicated network to manage, and one business can find themselves losing a lot of productivity and money. The Business […]

Hello LinkedIn

I belonged to a professional internet community years and years ago which I just thought was the greatest. In the big bust, that site went the way of the dodo, and pretty wickedly too since I don’t even remember it anymore (I last logged into it in 1996…). Anyway, my wife joined LinkedIn and immediately […]