This image shows three laptops with a world map connected to the blue 3D word BACKUP business backup 3 Keys To Computer Network Performance

What is Your Business Backup Missing?

The employee said “We have to get the hard drive recovered from my computer, it is critical!” Understanding of course that the employee would be unable to work until the computer was restored is understandable and I assured them that we’d get everything in all haste, but the hard drive had completely failed and a […]

puzzle pieces of a managed security strategy with the word security in the open surrounded by like words

Security Strategy

Layered Approach to Security A door isn’t always enough to keep people out, so we create locks. Locks can be broken, so we create security systems. Just because we have a security system, doesn’t mean we don’t have a door. Each component works with the others to help guarantee security. It’s all part of a […]

This image shows a beareded man holding a laptop and cheering.

7 Steps to Technology Success

Computers, smart phones, servers, networks and tablets are all forms of technology and there’s some basic tips that will improve the return on your investment. Below are seven steps to success with your technology. 1. Buy What You Need Asking yourself what it is you need to use this technology for is the best way […]

LCARS-like terminal display from Star Trek, as part of a lifetime of technology

The Lifetime of Technology

The media regularly encourages us to purchase the latest and greatest by inundating us with images of the newest phones and technical gadgetry.  Some of us buy into it because we want our technology to be able to perform with the newest games or software upgrades.  Others do it because they want to be able […]

This image shows a very old computer and keyboard.

When is a Computer Not Worth Fixing?

Update for 2016 This article gets a lot of attention – I think it’s one of our best for those who just want a simple explanation on making a good technology decision for a personal computer. It is 3 years old now, and while the messages are the same, do consider that when looking it […]