Case Study: Managed Cloud Backups

Crunch time was upon us.  Myself and my team had been working many long hours and spending way too much time at the office to complete a major project for our client.  We had just a few hours of work left when disaster struck.  If it hadn’t been for the cloud backup, we would have […]

Managed Cloud Backup Service

The more we use our computers, the more data we create.  The more data we create, the less paperwork we have filling up filing cabinets and desk drawers.  Unfortunately your data could be at risk from hard drive failures, damaged or stolen equipment, or even user error.  This lost data can mean thousands of dollars […]

Tornado Storm Damage V - Catastrophic Wind Damage from a Midwest Tornado disaster recovery plan components

Disaster Recovery Plan Components

Disaster Recovery Plan Why do we need a disaster recovery plan? It sure seems like a lot of work,  and doing it all for some event that might never happen. Maybe you can find better things do to with your time? The fact is, when a disaster occurs, this is the one tool you’ll wish […]

man holding orb with superimposed cyber security terms

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month.  This is an annual campaign created by a partnership of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) to raise awareness about cyber security and offer tips to help people protect their online activities. Usernames and passwords are not enough to keep all […]

This image shows three laptops with a world map connected to the blue 3D word BACKUP business backup 3 Keys To Computer Network Performance

What is Your Business Backup Missing?

The employee said “We have to get the hard drive recovered from my computer, it is critical!” Understanding of course that the employee would be unable to work until the computer was restored is understandable and I assured them that we’d get everything in all haste, but the hard drive had completely failed and a […]

Backups – What Would You Stand To Lose?

By Marie Stewart, Business Manager What do you have to lose if your computer or phone were to die today and the data on it could not be recovered or the price of recovery was too prohibitive? I know very few people who have not faced this problem at least once. We put off backing […]

graphic of devil coming out of computer screens surprising user who doesn't know how to keep information safe

“You have an infection!”

You know that feeling you get when you know someone is trying to scam you?  Someone who is trying to trick you into stealing your money through some of kind of phone or mail scam?  That sense of heightened awareness sets you on the edge of your seat as you start to keenly listen and […]

This image shows a library full of computer backups

To Backup or Archive?

Many users don’t know whether they should backup or archive their information, what the uses are for each, and how they should be stored. Let’s start with some definitions. A backup is a collection of data stored on non-volatile storage media for purposes of recovery in case the original copy of data is lost or […]

This image shows old technology

The Hidden Costs of Old Technology

“They just don’t make them like they used to!” This is a refrain we hear frequently when talking about technology.  It seems like obsolescence is designed into devices more every year.  When we find something that works well, we want to hang onto it as long as possible, but there are hidden costs of old […]

This image shows a woman in a santa hat working on a computer with a christmas tree behind her

‘Tis the Season for Computer Concerns!

From season to season there are things we should keep in mind that are unique, but no season has more to be concerned about than winter!  Therefore, ’tis the season for computer concerns! Holiday Email Winter Temps and Humidity Shopping for Technology Disaster Recovery Holiday Email & Software For many years now, electronic greeting cards […]