office woman with hands in air celebrating something she sees on a laptop in front of her after deciding to find an expert

Time To Find The Expert?

There comes a time in just about every business that you need to find the expert. We can’t know everything about everything we do. This is a quickly changing world and what was once a rule or product that was reliable has become obsolete. Typically, we’re the last to know if it’s not part of […]

Backups – What Would You Stand To Lose?

By Marie Stewart, Business Manager What do you have to lose if your computer or phone were to die today and the data on it could not be recovered or the price of recovery was too prohibitive? I know very few people who have not faced this problem at least once. We put off backing […]

graphic of devil coming out of computer screens surprising user who doesn't know how to keep information safe

“You have an infection!”

You know that feeling you get when you know someone is trying to scam you?  Someone who is trying to trick you into stealing your money through some of kind of phone or mail scam?  That sense of heightened awareness sets you on the edge of your seat as you start to keenly listen and […]

This image shows a library full of computer backups

To Backup or Archive?

Many users don’t know whether they should backup or archive their information, what the uses are for each, and how they should be stored. Let’s start with some definitions. A backup is a collection of data stored on non-volatile storage media for purposes of recovery in case the original copy of data is lost or […]

This image shows a Confused young man with cables and phone in front of open cpu over white background

Your Own IT Professional at Your Beck and Call

By Marie Stewart Wade and I have been together for 27 years and married for 26.  In all of the time that we have been together, I have never had to call IT support, log any kind of repair tickets, or rely on my Google searching expertise to find answers to the myriad of issues […]

This image shows a young businessman pointing to the words "How can we help you"

Why We Went Into Business – Customer Service

Customer Service is a very important part of any business.  It is the way services are delivered to the customer.  Some businesses have very little customer service and others have a great deal.  Customer service becomes more important when the customer relies upon the products or services your business offers. My first experience in customer […]