Windows 10 Updates and Privacy

I have a few updates for you on Windows 10,  from new revelations are coming out in the media, as well as my testing experiences.  Overall, no regrets on my part.  The Windows 10 experience is pretty positive for me and I still maintain that if you have Windows 8 or 8.1 you should get […]

This image shows a person upset with their computer or business backup, email message bounces or computer won't shut down

What Does it Mean When My Email Message Bounces?

A frequent question we get from our customers is “Why did my mail bounce?” They refer to a situation when they send an email message, and after a few moments there’s an automated reply.  Usually from “Mail Delivery Subsystem” or a similar system information message. Before I get into what those things mean, a quick […]

This image shows how the Case Study: Managed Services will lower cost and increase productivity and efficiency

Case Study: Managed Services

Many companies are in a position to be too small to hire a full time IT staff person, but too big to have one person manage all the issues they might have.  Add servers and a complicated network to manage, and one business can find themselves losing a lot of productivity and money. The Business […]

I know just enough to make things take too long.

I decided it’d be cool to make my computer as complicated as possible. Well if I’m going to be supporting people again I need to really get comfy in Vista. What better way than to start using it at home. Of course that means either wiping my XP partition or… Resizing my XP partition so […]

Linux and Blog Catch-Up

Things slowed down a bit since my first post. Since then, Ubuntu 8.04 was released and it is truly an enjoyable upgrade. Well, so long as you have some relatively stock (see: cheap/low performance/OEM-built) equipment. My Acer laptop took 8.04 like a duck to water. My old Gateway P3/800 hums happily away… My powerhouse dual-core, […]