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What’s Interfering with My WiFi Network Signal?

There are many items in, and features of, your household that could be slowing down your WiFi network signal.  In this post, we will discuss some of the various items that could be interfering with your wireless network’s signal. Household Appliances Issues usually occur when you have a WiFi network that operates on the 2.4GHz […]

Online Shopping Security – Can You Trust That Vendor?

After a lot of time and energy, your research has paid off and you have found the item that you want to purchase.  You even found it at a great price!  But before you complete your online shopping, are you sure that your credit card information is safe? Despite the popularity of online shopping, it isn’t […]

Image shows a young man angry with his computer slow because he didn't get disaster recovery

Why is my computer slow?

You just clicked the button and nothing happened. There is a spinning wheel, hourglass, or some indicator that the computer is struggling to do what you need it to. You know the last time here, you never had the computer slow – or you’ve noticed it getting worse. Is your hard drive failing? Do you […]

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Getting Rid Of The Boot Time Squeemese

How many of us get up, go to work, and boot up our computer or workstation?  It’s an everyday thing that we all must succumb to at some point in our career.  Computers are a way of life and we have all come to accept that.  So why waste time waiting for them to boot up?  We […]

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Business Tech Support

Would you say you prefer to prevent health issues or deal with them as they come?  Whether it comes to your IT success or your home computer our onsite computer technician has the same goal.  As your business tech support or as your on site pc repair guy, Wade Stewart of Stewart and Son wants […]