Why Referrals and Rewards?

Being top of mind in the IT business isn’t easy. We can spend a lot of money with advertising companies to be everywhere so that in the 5 minutes someone needs us, we just might be there, but you can imagine the cost of that. We’d rather spend that money on rewards to the people who know and refer us. Giving back is what we’re all about.

New Customer Referrals

Having a friend refer you to a trusted business can be a huge help when they’re in need. Referrals are the best way to sustain and grow business!

Fill out the card below for someone you know we can help. We’d like to introduce ourselves to them and see if we can help the way we’ve helped you!

Make sure you include your name on the form so we can properly thank you for your referral!

Managed Services Customer Referrals

Great rewards await for new business referrals! Simply refer another monthly service customer to us and you could earn a $100 reward. Here’s how:

  • Fill out the card below with your referral’s contact information. Make sure to include your name!
  • We will contact them and find the right Managed Services Contract for their business.
  • Upon paying the first invoice, we’ll send you $100!

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Some of our Testimonials:

Kathy Thaut – At Your Service Plumbing:

“Stewart and Son takes care of all my IT worries. They call when they see a problem and they call when there isn’t one to check up on us!  I don’t really have to worry about anything.  When my server was down they stuck with it until it was resolved so I have peace of mind they will be there when I need them.  I even received a text when the power went down because through their monitoring they could see I had a challenge.  Their client care is top notch!”

Kit Burns, AIA – BLRB Architects:

“I worked with Wade for eight years and was always able to count on him in many ways. Great knowledge of his job with wide ranging expertise. Willingness and ability to learn new things and a willingness to help. Always organized and super dependable. And approached all tasks, big or small, with a very positive attitude. Wonderful person to work with and nice to have on a team.”

Bob and Sue Fagering:

“If you ever have a computer issue please call Wade, David, Noah, or Jim. They are just the most knowledgeable, helpful, kindest people we have ever worked with…and there prices were so reasonable we could not believe it. We also have called a couple times to ask question and they are always kind and helpful.”