Recommended Free Software

Purpose Software Title Description
New Computer Software Install Ninite Ninite is a small package manager which you can see on their website.  Simply pick the apps you want to install and download a file which will install them all, potentially saving you hours of tedious downloads and installs.
System cleanup CCleaner Free & Fast. Includes a program uninstaller and a registry cleanup tool which is almost guaranteed to increase PC speed by 50% on just about any computer that a user complains of slow performance. Cleans your Apple Mac too!  Speaking of Mac you could also try AppCleaner from FreeMac Soft.
Picture Viewer Irfanview Free & Fast. All the tools you need for quick edits of photos. Been using this for probably 17 years now and the fact that the UI has remained unchanged is a great bonus.
Antivirus – Free Avast Free & Fast. Effective antivirus without all the bloat or low performance. Certainly not the best; it’s known to miss things like just about everything else out there. Strikes a perfect balance between effectiveness and performance.
Antivirus – PAID Emsisoft It’s an award-winning tool that stands on it’s own merits, however we particularly like it for the balance of effectiveness and how little impact it has on computer operation. So many antivirus programs slow your computer down. Not Emsisoft!
Hard Disk Checkup Passmark DiskCheckup Free for personal use, this tool will monitor your computer’s hard drive for hardware problems and possibly alert you before a failure.  Even for small businesses with critical hard drive needs, the price of this software is a good value proposition.
Remote Support for local network RealVNC Preferred for LAN/low-security use. Remote Desktop or LogMeIn still preferable for internet desktop sharing due to extra security.
Archive Files 7Zip Opens just about everything under the sun, it’s free and fast.
Print-To-PDF CutePDF Good program; quick and clean. Low incidence of bundled crapware, but still must remain diligent.
Windows Crash Analysis WhoCrashed This little free-for-home-use tool will quickly give you a direction to attempt troubleshooting when faced with an obscure bluescreen.
Network Packet Analysis Wireshark Been using this little gem for over 15 years. It does take a little sorcery to make the info work for you, and if you don’t know much about networking beyond just IP, DNS, DHCP you could get a little lost. Newer versions are getting friendlier though. Free of course.
CD Ripper CDex Creates .wav files from your audio CD’s which you can then change to MP3’s with…
MP3 Creator Lame Creates MP3 files from .wav files. Command-line tool with many options for bitrate, batch processing, etc.. Not very friendly but if you can spend the time to tweak it; you will find it to be a powerful tool.
Media Viewer Video LAN Not the greatest tool for music but a solid choice for video.  Supports Windows formats as well as Mac
Malware Removal MalwareBytes Free app with a paid alternative for active scanning. This does well for just about everything but rootkits. It’s a great first go-to when getting after an infection.
Malware Removal SuperAntiSpyware Free to try and disinfect. I recently found this when trying to get rid of some stubborn rootkit. This was a very effective tool and I highly recommend it if MalwareBytes can’t take on your infection.
Malware Detection/Investigation SysInternals Suite Free! More than once I have used this tool exclusively to clean malware infections. While it is more tedious then the two Malware tools above, it gives you an unmatched view of the internal workings of your operating system. It is also quite effective as a hardware and software troubleshooter outside of the security realm. Being able to break down program interactions by the split-second is incredibly helpful.
Documenting Networks CADE, QCAD or LibreCAD Free offerings that have libraries of network objects to create network maps and diagrams. These are vector editors and very helpful for many other areas other than diagrams. Floor plans or other designs can be created using these tools. Each of these products can be useful for different purposes so check them all out!

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