Managed Security

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Attempts at stealing data, whether from internal or external sources, are becoming more frequent and more sophisticated. Can you afford for your data to get into the wrong hands? The consequences can be damaging, from reduced profits to an adverse impact on your reputation. Managed Security is the key to staying ahead of these ever-changing threats.

Using the latest technology, combined with our industry expertise, we offer a layered solution which gives you maximum protection against unwanted attacks on your data. And this is all for an affordable, monthly fee. Can you afford not to?


Security starts with staff, and we can provide class opportunities which are brief, yet full of useful tips to keep your business safe. You can Click Here to take a survey and receive a free 4-Lesson Security class right away.


Without proper updates to your computer, operating system, and applications, you can be left vulnerable to outside attacks.

Email Filtering

We set up automated scrubbing of your email stream to prevent viruses, spam, and malicious links from getting to your staff members.

Antivirus and Anti-Malware

It’s not just viruses we have to worry about. There are malicious programs disguised as helpful tools that you can become a victim of. We actively monitor for known malware, and scan new programs for behavior that malware can have.

Web Filtering

Threats can take many forms and some can appear perfectly legitimate. Our web filtering checks with every click to make sure no threat is hiding behind it. Additional options include reports on internet usage to make sure staff are complying with your policies, blocking unproductive or inappropriate websites, and even receive productivity reports.

And More…

As well as monitoring your systems and administering your security protection, we also offer a consultancy service to help you develop strategic data protection policies to safeguard your business.

We work specifically with small and medium sized businesses, helping them increase sales, reduce costs, and above all, keep their customers happy. To find out more about our Managed Security service, see our contact page and we will call you back!

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