How is Your IT?

How is your IT Department doing?

Your IT Department should be working behind the scenes to keep your business running smoothly. If you are experiencing problems, slow-downs, or simply don't know how your system works, this may be a sign that there is room for improvement.

Take our quiz to get your IT Department score. This brief test is designed to help you measure the performance and value you are getting from your IT resources. The answers are weighted for best practices & best value, and they carry different scores.

How responsive are your IT resources? When you call, email or text them, what is the average response time?

How long does it take your computer workstation to start up in the morning?

Are your computers, servers, network and internet access monitored 24X7?

How often are Windows Updates performed?

How often are Application Updates (Adobe, Antivirus, other programs) performed?

Are your backups regularly tested?

Do you receive a report on what your IT person does for you regularly?

Are your IT professionals friendly and helpful?

Do you have a disaster recovery plan?