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Budget Email and Web Hosting Services

One of our goals is to continue to deliver enterprise-class technical support & services to small business. We use our success to drive our buying power and evaluate new products and services to deliver to our clients.

Dreamhost logo for web hostingWe are proud to announce a Budget Email and Web Hosting solution for those small businesses in need of a presence on the internet which doesn’t require the complexity of shared calendars or database-driven websites. The pricing on these services is very competitive, and when you have Stewart and Son as your first line of support, the value added is tremendous.

Value in Combinations

Our Email and Web hosting solution is through a Stewart & Son tested host called Dreamhost. We have been hosting our services through them for several months now and can say the experience has been nothing short of a dream! When we bundle services we get some amazing benefits:

  • Free Domain Name
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email
  • Local Stewart and Son Support INCLUDED

icon representing email hostingReliability

Your mail and web services have to be running at 100% and many budget solutions drop the ball on this. Even some premium services can’t quite keep up.

While Office 365 servers have had 2-3 hours of email and website downtime in the last year, Dreamhost services have had 100% uptime since we’ve been using them.

Other premium web services with very common names have had some challenges too.  Even some pretty big names out there!


image showing html codeWe can offer this amazing service for just $15/month. The one-time set up of $75 includes your domain creation and/or transfer, migration of your website, and creation of all the needed Email accounts and even transfer your mail from your old host to the new one!

Pay 1 year at a time, and enjoy a monthly rate of just $10/month!!!

As Stewart and Son have grown, our technology partnerships have really strengthened. This solution brings the peace of mind you get with enterprise-quality hosting and your Stewart and Son support for little more than the price of other solutions available today.

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For information on these services and more, contact Wade today and get signed up with our Email and Web Hosting program!