Email Security

Email Security

As more technology gets introduced to the workplace, our reliance on email increases over face-to-face contact. It allows you to communicate with anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Email is a useful tool for your business. But like all tools, it should help and not hinder. As we rely more and more on email, it becomes even more important to protect our systems with email security  from unwanted virus attacks, spam, or downtime resulting from server crashes.

Using industry-leading technology, Stewart & Son Computer Services can offer a solution which deals with all these issues and more. And it doesn’t cost the earth. Actually, it costs the equivalent of a mere cup of coffee a day.


demonstration of how email security works by filtering spam to a quarantine


Spam is a constant annoyance, time sink, and avenue to computer malware and viruses. Nearly 80% of the mail some businesses receive is purely unsolicited. In that 80%,  we see a significant number of infected messages.

This deluge of annoying and even dangerous emails slows down the productivity of your company and employees. At best, it wastes time. At worst, it can open the door to malware or ransomware that can stop your business in its tracks.

Can you afford to let these emails flow into your inbox unchecked?

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How Can We Help?

We now have a solution that can scrub your mail data stream clean before it even reaches your mail server. Mail is relayed through a secure host that scans it for the latest known spam algorithms and places it in a quarantine you can review from your web browser wherever you may be.

We work specifically with small and medium sized businesses, helping them increase sales, reduce costs and above all, keep their customers happy.

Our Email Hosting and Office 365 packages come with this advanced filtering built in. Contact us if you need any one of these services!

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