Data Recovery

Data Recovery

flash stick used in data recoveryViruses and computer upgrades are some of the most frequent cases where you might need to have your files moved and/or recovered. Data recovery can also include accidental deletion of flash sticks, camera photo cards, and other storage devices.

Recovery of some, if not all of your data in certain types of hardware failures is possible if handled by experienced technicians.
We can give you a non-intrusive diagnosis and estimate for your data recovery for free.

hard drive shown in data recoveryImportance of Backups

Make sure your backups are current and complete. Keep important data in two places at all times. On your hard drive and perhaps on a flash stick, backup drive, or in the cloud. Update frequently. Don’t forget to test your backups!

Go through a “data recovery drill” and attempt to recover your data to a different computer. Make sure your plans work!
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What types of data recovery are there?[spacer height=”20px”]


Undelete – We have tools that will scan the hard drive for partially-deleted files, and restore all or part of your data. These tools do take some time to run and we may have to have your computer for a few hours at least.
Simple Recovery – This type of recovery involves the replacement of parts which can enable us to access the data. Some devices have replaceable hardware we can repair and regain access to your data. Other software tools we have can recover data from partially-damaged hardware as well.[spacer height=”20px”]

clean room shown where data recovery takes placeClean-Room Recovery:

Sometimes the damage is just too great and the data is just too valuable to lose. A bad hard drive motor, partially burned-up flash stick, crashed hard drive platters all need to be reconstructed in a clean room or other high-tech laboratory.

Obviously such resources and services are going to be costly and are the last line of recovery or only for the most important data.
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Data Recovery Costs

Diagnosis and Estimate: Free
In-House Data Recovery: $150/hr, 30 minute minimum, plus media (CD, DVD, Flash Stick, External Hard drive)
Clean-Room Recovery: $300+ – depending on damage type.

We use:

Drive Savers

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