Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Cloud services computing concept with copy spaceWe now offer a number of cloud services to deliver enterprise-level technology to even the smallest businesses. We work with a number of vendors who specialize in specific areas which benefit your unique business needs most.

We’ve evaluated all these services and while some work for some types of small businesses better than others, they all pass muster to have the most reliable services in their classes.

Why use the cloud?

  • You can get additional security with cloud services! Helpful if you have to conform to HIPAA, GLBA, FERPA, or other industry standards.
  • The peace of mind that automated synchronization and backup provides. Most services have backups and data redundancy – the ultimate in disaster recovery.
  • Collaboration with is made much easier – no more FTP sites or bounced emails due to attachment sizes too large.
  • Cloud services can expand with your business. If you need more storage or processing power, just add it! No need to replace expensive hardware or software.
  • We can also bundle a number of services together to lower the cost of ownership – lower cost, better service!

Contact us today for a discussion about what cloud services would benefit your business most!

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