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Computers built in the last 3-5 years perform at a standard which is still appropriate for most basic functions today. After time, computers slow down from the effects of changes such as software changes, upgrades, patches, archiving and other operations. These changes add up over time and can slow your computer down.

“Clean Up and Speed Up” is a package you can purchase for your computer which can dramatically improve the performance! There are two parts to this service.

clean up speed up Computer cleaning with dry airClean Up

Over time your computer gets dirty, and I don’t just mean fans and vents, but you could have adware and possibly even malware like Trojans and viruses. We do a top-down, inside and out, search and destroy on anything dirtying your computer.

It’s important to be careful when cleaning the computer; sometimes these dirty bits will cling tenaciously to your system and removal could cause problems! We have years of experience dealing with the most sinister of dust bunnies and computer bugs. We can get your system back up and running, free of the accumulations from years of computer use.

Right after that Clean Up, we perform some diagnostic tests to make sure that your hardware operates properly and continues to be up to the challenge of serving you for a long time to come. We can even provide a free quote on what we think might prolong the life of that computer for as many as 3 additional years!

clean-up speed-up High speed internet technology symbol with a blank laptop and two rocket boosters blasting off as a concept of fast mobility computing and quick technical service on a white background.Speed Up

Windows and Mac OS X are some of the fastest operating systems today and many older versions continue to perform admirably with today’s application and media demands. You can look to Stewart and Son to keep even your older computers running in excellent condition.

In our Speed Up service, we look for opportunities to streamline your computer processing power. We can completely purge leftover installation files, temporary files and programs which you uninstalled but remain on your computer. We make sure that the hard drive is properly defragmented so your system files can be accessed immediately.

Finally, we do a performance assessment to see what opportunities still exist for even more enhancement. For the budget-conscious, we make recommendations with the knowledge that the investment in your computer has to be balanced against the cost of new computers on the market today. Sometimes a brand new computer is the only way to go and if we make that determination, we can apply some of the cost of your “Clean Up and Speed Up” to the new computer you have custom made by Stewart and Son!

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