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Time To Find The Expert?

There comes a time in just about every business that you need to find the expert. We can’t know everything about everything we do. This is a quickly changing world and what was once a rule or product that was reliable has become obsolete. Typically, we’re the last to know if it’s not part of […]

Case Study: Managed Cloud Backups

Crunch time was upon us.  Myself and my team had been working many long hours and spending way too much time at the office to complete a major project for our client.  We had just a few hours of work left when disaster struck.  If it hadn’t been for the cloud backup, we would have […]

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Expert Roundup – Employee Monitoring

Employee monitoring has a stigma that business owners are really apprehensive about. It’s widely considered spying, and has connections to a perception of loss of privacy. But is this perception accurate? Can Employee Monitoring be a Positive? Companies implement monitoring software for a variety of reasons. Slow networks, recurring viruses, and distracted employees are just a few of […]

Managed Cloud Backup Service

The more we use our computers, the more data we create.  The more data we create, the less paperwork we have filling up filing cabinets and desk drawers.  Unfortunately your data could be at risk from hard drive failures, damaged or stolen equipment, or even user error.  This lost data can mean thousands of dollars […]

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Are Your Employees Distracted?

We don’t go anywhere anymore without our cell phones.  But, in the workplace, are they toys or business tools?  How many waste time on social media sites when they should be working?  One way to get a handle on how much your employees are working is to engage in employee monitoring. Why is Monitoring Important? […]

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Productivity Killers

We noticed some issues with our network that prompted us to contact Stewart and Son Computer Services.  Throughout the work day, our network would slow down to almost a halt and we could not figure out what was going on.  They suggested that we do a bandwidth analysis.  Below are some of the issues that […]

employee monitoring can be a win for business owners

Employee Monitoring – A Small Business Win

I wanted to share a story with you.  I’m a small business owner without a lot of time or money on my hands.  I kept noticing that my internet would slow down during the day and that a few of our workstations kept getting infected with viruses and malware.  I was spending all my time […]

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Surprise Backup Failure

We recently had a customer reach out so we could help them determine why their backups weren’t working. They got an alert saying there had not been a backup in over 7 days. It’s hard to imagine what amount of data could accumulate in “over 7 days” much less how valuable that data is! Nonetheless […]

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Managing Productivity

The business manager was struggling. Productivity was down and employees just kept blaming the computers. At first it seemed like an excuse, but the point started coming up in employee reviews. One of the project managers finally came to them and said “Look, we are missing deadlines and we have to do something about it. […]

Voice Over Internet Protocol

Why VoIP is Better Than Conventional Phones

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone systems are getting more popular for business use.  You may be asking yourself, what’s so great about this technology and what can it do for me?  Here are some of the reasons you should consider switching to VoIP: Low to No Maintenance Some hosted solutions require no maintenance, repairs, […]