Business Technology Assessment

Hackers Love Weak IT. Assessments Reveal Weaknesses

This Business Technology Assessment Service pinpoints 9 different areas which are key to successful use of your technology. In every area, we provide an executive level summary and recommendations for the best value improvements. Having an assessment of where your business is will result in making great decisions for the future.

Picture showing computers in the background and an explanation of Stewart and Son's Free 9 point Business IT Assessment program


1. Internet: We review your internet service provider, remote access into your business, and test the security against threats.

2. Network: We evaluate any gateway antivirus/antispam you might have along with any vulnerabilities that exist on your network, and tests on network hardware and speeds.

3. Workstations (Desktop & Laptop): We check performance, if current memory and hard drive is sufficient, and security areas like updates, antivirus, and anti malware.

4. Wireless: Proper wireless security standards are reviewed against the needs of the equipment in use. Special attention is given to signal quality, security, and coverage.

5. Servers: We perform a comprehensive evaluation not limited to Security, Backup and Performance.

6. Office Equipment: From printers to scanners, cameras, and more, our business technology assessment reviews devices for performance and growth.

7. Business Software: We review your primary business applications for security and compatibility, from Microsoft Office to your key accounting or development applications.

8. Business Services: An evaluation of key business services such as email, website, FTP and domain host, and we check for vulnerabilities and hosting savings.

9. Physical Security: This encompasses not just worries about theft, but malicious intruders, and a disaster/business continuity plan.

We will provide a questionnaire which will make our visit to your business brief.

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