Case Study: Managed Cloud Backups

Crunch time was upon us.  Myself and my team had been working many long hours and spending way too much time at the office to complete a major project for our client.  We had just a few hours of work left when disaster struck.  If it hadn’t been for the cloud backup, we would have been in deep trouble.

The Story

My architecture firm had won a huge project for one of our clients.  This project was going to take a lot of hours from myself and my team to get it done.  We were a dedicated group and many of us had been at the office until the wee hours of the morning triple checking our work to make sure that what we gave our client was perfect.  We had been backing our project up to our server at regular intervals to make sure that nothing was lost until that fateful moment.

The Disaster

We were making some changes to one of our designs and realized that one of the files we were working on was corrupt.  So, we went to the server to recover a prior version of the file we were manipulating.  As we were trying to recover the file we noticed that the server was going very slow.  We didn’t think much of it because we had been saving so much to it and thought we may just be overworking it.  As the night wore on, however, the file recovery process kept getting slower.  Then we heard the dreaded clicking and humming coming from the drive.  Shortly after that, every time we tried to save the file to the server, we got error messages, or our programs would crash.  Cue the panic!

The Fix

I immediately called Stewart and Son Computer Services and reached their on-call technician.  We didn’t know what we were going to do.  We had to turn this project in to our client first thing that morning and we couldn’t access our files!  The technician looked up our contract and gave us the most reassuring news.  We had signed up for their Managed Backup Services at the beginning of the month.  Our entire server was being backed up to the cloud on a nightly basis.  Since it was now early in the morning, they were able to help us recover our files.  Thankfully, our server had been backed up to the cloud just before it began corrupting our files and before it died.  The technician made me look like a hero to my team and our client.

Honestly, I think the real superhero of this story is Stewart and Son and their team.  They were the ones who convinced us to begin backing up our servers to the cloud on a nightly basis.  Without that advice about managed backup, we would have been in some very hot water with our client.  I urge you to contact them today and start backing up your files!

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