Managed Cloud Backup Service

The more we use our computers, the more data we create.  The more data we create, the less paperwork we have filling up filing cabinets and desk drawers.  Unfortunately your data could be at risk from hard drive failures, damaged or stolen equipment, or even user error.  This lost data can mean thousands of dollars of lost revenues or even fines if the data contains sensitive information.  So, what are the advantages to having a managed cloud backup service?

Eliminate manual and complex backup tasks

Internal manual backups are becoming more complicated and difficult.  Multiple technology platforms, amount of data, and the time necessary to complete this task can stretch a small IT staff thin.  However, with a managed backup service, you can set it up once and let it go.  This allows your staff to work on tasks that have a greater impact on the growth of your business.

Budgeting and cost prediction becomes easier

It can be difficult to budget for software licenses for your servers, replacement hardware, maintenance, or the media on which the backups are stored when you manage your backups internally.  With cloud backup services, the cost is the same each month.

Reliable and fast data recovery

Do you test your internal backups?  Do you know if you can fully recover your data?  What if a tornado hits your building tonight, will you be able to get your staff back to work quickly?  Managed cloud backup services automatically transmit changes to files and databases to a secure, off-site facility for backup.  Some solutions can capture changes in open files and databases without upsetting your workflow.  Being able to quickly recover your data will allow your employees to get back to work faster after a potential disaster.  Once your data is stored in the cloud, it can be recovered where and whenever it is needed.

Easily scalable

Your company’s storage needs will grow as your business grows.  With a manual backup process, you will need to increase storage space and, potentially, add more servers as your needs expand.  With managed backups, server and data sprawl are no longer an issue and there is no need to add additional equipment or software.

Share large files and documents via email

Some email systems do not allow you to send large attachments.  However, a managed cloud backup service, can allow you to create a link to the document that you want to share.  You can paste the link into your email message and the recipient uses the link to download the file.  This completely bypasses the attachment size limits.


By storing your documents in the cloud, you gain the ability of accessing them from anywhere.  Therefore, you will be able to view your files with a smart phone, tablet, laptop, or even a home computer if you have access to the internet and a web browser.

Stewart and Son Computer Services, LLC offers several cloud services to even the smallest of businesses.  If you are interested in services such as cloud backup and archiving, file sharing, and more, please contact us today!

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