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Are Your Employees Distracted?

We don’t go anywhere anymore without our cell phones.  But, in the workplace, are they toys or business tools?  How many waste time on social media sites when they should be working?  One way to get a handle on how much your employees are working is to engage in employee monitoring.

Why is Monitoring Important?

Monitoring doesn’t make people feel good.  But, you can explain the positive reasons to your employees.  For example, monitoring can provide some very detailed snapshots of your employees throughout the day.  This gives you the chance to see exactly when your employees go above and beyond to perform for your company.  You can also use monitoring to watch for teachable moments.  These could be times that your employees make an error or accidentally commit a safety infraction.  Knowing what you need to work on to increase the safety and performance of your employees can be invaluable.

What Are the Costs of Distraction?

It is estimated that distracted employees cost US companies an average of $63 billion each year.  Additionally, once distracted, it takes workers close to 25 minutes to get back to work.  When employees give a self-assessment, 25% of them admit to being completely unproductive 7 or more hours each week and 22% say they are unproductive 5-6 hours each week.  Out of a 40-hour work week, that’s a loss of almost an entire day of work.

What Are the Causes?

Most employees are already overwhelmed.  They have emails that need immediate attention, phone calls that require their time, and meetings they must sit in on.  Aside from 50 or so legitimate issues they deal with each hour, the entertainment of the internet is just a click away.  Because most offices have high-speed internet, employees can easily become distracted with movies, music, and even online shopping.  The Chatty Cathy colleague sitting next to them is only one part of the equation.  Employees blame their distractions on social media, phone notifications, and sometimes even the weather.

How Can You Fix the Issue?

Employee monitoring can be a key component to resolving these issues.  How and when your employees are being distracted must be identified.  We can provide you with detailed reports that will help you learn how much time your employees are working, what websites they visit when they are distracted, and assist you with putting policies and procedures into place that will reduce your employee distractions.  Reach out to us today if you would like more information on how to keep your employees engaged and reduce your lost productivity!

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