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Surprise Backup Failure

We recently had a customer reach out so we could help them determine why their backups weren’t working. They got an alert saying there had not been a backup in over 7 days.

It’s hard to imagine what amount of data could accumulate in “over 7 days” much less how valuable that data is! Nonetheless we investigated.

It was clear immediately that the software had gotten an update and hadn’t done anything. This software ran on the server, so not many people would be checking on it. So there was a popup saying a reboot was required but no other notification. Most people would think there was no problems, and in fact, they did!

We performed the quick repairs, got a reboot out of the way and everything was working fine again… Until the next day.

This image shows slow loading on computer, compare to slower than snail. Backup failureBecause the backup hadn’t run in so long, thousands of files had to be updated. It was taking a long time and it had begun to impact the server performance. Now the server was running slowly and it was impacting everyone’s work.

Luckily the backup was on a Friday, so we delayed it so it could run over the weekend when nobody was in the office.

Upon checking the logs, it seems that the full backup would run long on weekends in general and would run a few hours into Monday morning. When we notified the customer they said they wondered why the server usually ran slow on Monday. They figured it was them!

Lastly, we evaluated what kind of backup they were doing. It was just backing up the documents that people saved on the server. In the event of a server failure, they’d need to build a new server, then recover all the data back from the same slow storage. It could take hours, if not days.

The Solution

Clearly the backup solution for this client was insufficient. Here’s what they needed:

  • Backups that didn’t run into production hours and slow down employee productivity.
  • Backup storage that was flexible so it wouldn’t fill up.
  • Good notifications that indicated when there was a problem and how to fix it.
  • A complete system backup that could be recovered without delay.
  • A qualified team to manage the backups and report on any issues or corrections that needed to occur.

We helped them get into our Managed Backup solution which meets all those requirements and much more so that they could have the peace of mind that everything would be backed up and if there were any problems, they’d be handled immediately.

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