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Managing Productivity

The business manager was struggling. Productivity was down and employees just kept blaming the computers. At first it seemed like an excuse, but the point started coming up in employee reviews.

One of the project managers finally came to them and said “Look, we are missing deadlines and we have to do something about it. I can’t fire all this staff and hope that we find better producers, there needs to be another way.”

After sitting down with staff it became clear that there is something to these technology complaints.

The stories change a bit on details, but they start the same. A manager or business owner is struggling to keep employees productive and happy but technology is standing in the way.

  • Maybe it’s Bob the mail guy who you have take care of the computers when he’s not doing his regular job. He’s under the same deadlines, and fixing someone’s computer sometimes has to take a bastopwatch with the words precious time to reinforce the fact that productivity costs seat.
  • Perhaps you have an outside contractor who takes care of your computers. You picked the one-man-shop who has several other customers and he’s having a hard time getting back to you the same day… Or the same week.
  • We have even had clients with internal full-time IT staff who are just overwhelmed, and problems slip through the cracks.

In any case, there’s a problem, it’s damaging your business and it has to be solved.

We have clients from each of those examples above who were struggling and they chose us to help and now they struggle no more.

A no-cost, no-obligation meeting with us awaits. We describe what we do, and how we do it. We assess your technology to see where we can improve your productivity right away. Then we can create a managed services plan tailored to the needs of your business.

Time for those computer excuses to end.


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