Voice Over Internet Protocol

Why VoIP is Better Than Conventional Phones

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone systems are getting more popular for business use.  You may be asking yourself, what’s so great about this technology and what can it do for me?  Here are some of the reasons you should consider switching to VoIP:

Low to No Maintenance

Some hosted solutions require no maintenance, repairs, or upgrades because there is no switch or voice messaging system at your site.  With no on-site equipment, you will have more space in your office.  If you run your business from a small office or spare room in your home, the added space is a bonus.


Expansion/contraction is simple and easy, making this an extremely flexible system.  You will never be stuck with features or hardware that you don’t want and adding new offices or employees is quick and easy.

Pay as You Go

Some VoIP solutions allow you to pay only for the minutes of service that you use.  This allows you to keep your costs at a minimum and not pay for services that you don’t need or aren’t using.

Cost Effective

Most VoIP systems end up being cheaper than traditional services and with no hardware to install or maintain, they have very little service costs.  Typically calls between employees on a VoIP system are free and international calls end up costing a fraction of the rates charged by traditional services.

Increased Productivity

Sometimes employees are more productive if they can work from home.  Parents with sick children can still get their work done while being at home and available to their kids.  In fact, one study found that workers who telecommute tend to work up to seven additional hours per week when compared to their office-bound co-workers.

Your employees will also be more mobile.  Even if they are late for the train or an important client calls during their lunch break, your employees can utilize their smartphones to stay on top of their calls.

Increased Features

Because VoIP is internet based, new features are popping up all the time.  VoIP offers voicemail to email, IP Faxing, multi-device rings, video transfers, and image sharing.  Users can integrate their contacts from Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, and more.

VoIP is a Powerful Tool for Small Businesses

It no longer costs a fortune to get big-business features like conferencing and automated attendants.  Now, with VoIP, you can get those features and a whole lot more.  This gives small businesses the opportunity to spend their money elsewhere while remaining competitive with larger companies.

Are you interested in VoIP but need more information?  Give us a call to schedule your appointment today!

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