The Top 8 Benefits of Networking Your Printers

Should you purchase a printer for each workstation in your office or should you just buy a few printing devices and network them together? This is something small business owners must consider when they have employees who also need to print documents.  In most situations, networking your printers is the best idea.  Below, we will show you why we would suggest this route to our clients.

Lower Capital

Saving money is always at the forefront of your mind as a small business owner. But, your employees need to print on a regular basis.  Networking your devices will you save money because you can have multiple users able to print to a single printer.

Upgraded Printer Capabilities

Network printers can handle more complex tasks and print at a higher quality than most personal printers. They can also faster, jam less often, and offer a variety of finishing options that personal printers don’t have.

Less Maintenance

Fewer devices equals lower maintenance costs. If you share one printer among multiple people you have eliminated multiple machines that require regular maintenance and supplies.

Remote Printing

Most networked printers will allow you to print from anywhere if you are connected to the network. Need to print something for a co-worker while you are telecommuting?  Simply connect to the network and voila, job done!

Multiple Platform Use

Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. can all access the same printers and send print jobs utilizing platform specific drivers. Networked printers are also able to operate a variety of different printer types like laser, inkjet, or thermal.

Less Training

Because you now have fewer printers in the office, you will also be saving time on training. Nobody wants to train all employees on each machine in the office.  By eliminating many of your printers, you are freeing up your employee’s time.  As the old technology is exchanged for new, you only have one printer to train the staff on once again.

Easier Tracking

If you have one printing device for every five employees, it will be easier to track who is using it, how much they are printing, and to buy supplies for that one printer. You can’t always tell how much has been printed or when a user may be nearing the end of their paper supply with multiple printers.  This results in managed and controlled costs.

Less clutter

One machine for all vs. one machine for each employee. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this will use up less space in your office.


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