Why Internal IT Staff Can Be a Hindrance

Hiring an IT employee to take care of in-house issues must be the answer because you are tired of reacting to all of the IT issues you are having.  When your business gets big enough to hire an internal IT person it might make things worse.  In this post, we will discuss why maintaining internal IT staff can do more harm than good.


You may end up paying closer to $135,000 per year after taxes, healthcare, management oversight, and PTO are factored in for an employee who’s salary is $95,000.  An IT firm will only be charging you for the time spent working on your infrastructure.  While the per hour charge of an IT firm is much higher, you won’t have to pay their taxes, healthcare or PTO.

Remaining Reactive

Your new IT professional may end up with time on their hands after they’ve been hired and set on a plan to manage the IT. What was once urgent and immediate becomes the daily/weekly/monthly tasks that are monotonous or tedious. A lack of challenge may cause your IT employees to leave.

Loss of Focus

With internal staff, they are so busy trying to keep the current systems work that they often lose touch with what may be available to solve the issues.


If your staff is ill or needs a vacation, who is going to cover for them when issues arise?  What if you have an IT emergency and you don’t have enough internal staff to cover it all?  With an outsourced IT solution, there is virtually always someone available to help you.

Access to Experts

Typically, small businesses don’t have the capital to hire an entire staff of IT professionals to help navigate the ever-changing tide of IT.  A third-party IT company, however, likely has all those individuals either on staff or just a phone call away.


Internal staff likely have limited resources and capabilities.  Conversely, most third-party IT companies have a great deal of resources, expertise, and knowledge available to them.


Most staff are not available on nights and weekends while many IT service providers offer 24/7 support, monitoring, and maintenance.

Slow to Implement New Technology

When you are adding new technology to your infrastructure, you may have to hire additional in-house staff or train and support your existing staff.  However, a quality IT service provider will have the resources necessary to begin your projects right away.

Increased Risk

All business carries certain risk.  Do you know if your internal staff is qualified and understands the best way to avoid risk to protect your company?  Most IT providers assume and manage much of the risk for you when it comes to their knowledge of compliance and security problems that may arise.


If your business is not IT, how will you know a qualified IT staff person when you see one?  Do they have the skills your business needs?  Recruiting is difficult, time-intensive, and often expensive.  Someone who eloquently slings jargon can easily swindle you if you aren’t technically savvy.  However, utilizing an outsourced IT company allows you to always have a qualified team on call to support your needs.

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