Outsourcing Your IT Needs? – A Happy Customer Recounts Their Experience

As a small business owner, I needed to look into outsourcing our IT, but I had no idea where to begin.  We have a few workstations, a NAS drive to back items up to, voice-over-IP phones, and internet services.  These are all vital to our day-to-day operations.  Going without any one of them can cause us to lose a great deal of money.  I also didn’t have the time maintain our technology, so I reached out to Stewart and Son Computer Services.

Our Initial Meeting

One of their technicians came out to perform an assessment.  He was such a nice guy!  The tech showed up early and did a great job of explaining everything.  He took detailed notes regarding the workstations and other hardware we use as well as all the software.  He suggested that we keep our NAS behind a locked door so a thief wouldn’t just walk away with it and all our client’s sensitive information. We didn’t even know we had this issue!  He stayed approximately an hour, asked many great questions, and took a lot of notes.  He left and we waited for his outsourcing proposal.

The Proposal

About two days later, we received an email from the technician we had met that included a proposal for us.  This outlined their monthly services, costs, and the work necessary to bring our environment up to their standards.  We let our technician know the services we wanted and he drew up a contract.

The Setup

When our technician set us up, we provided him logins and passwords to our hardware and software and any software license keys we had.  The tech reassured us that our information is confidential.   Stewart and Son would also take ownership of the issues with our software and hardware and speak directly to our vendors on our behalf.  Now that is some unbeatable service!

The Work

After handing this information to our tech, he brought everything up to date with drivers, patches, and updates. Each of our machines received virus, malware, and spyware scans and a Speed Up/Clean Up service.  I can’t remember a time when things ran so quickly or smoothly!  He removed bloatware from one of our newest machines, too.  Now that workstation runs better than it did when it was brand new!  He untangled our rat’s nest of wires that we kept hidden in a back closet, and labeled the cables and devices for easy identification purposes.

The New Reality

I am so pleased with outsourcing our IT to Stewart and Son Computer Services.  The company is extremely responsive even late at night when we need them the most.  Their prices are fair.  Their customer service is exemplary.  They monitor our environment and sometimes notice there’s an issue even before we do.  Their proactive approach has lifted a huge burden from my shoulders.  I recommend them to every business owner I meet.

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