Owning Your Technology Problems

Unlike Most IT Suppliers, We Take Ownership of Your Technology Problems

It’s a common story: it’s crunch time and a vital piece of software is not working properly. You’ve tried calling your IT service provider but they tell you they don’t support the software.  So, you or one of your employees calls the software company. The next thing you know, nothing is working and you have no idea what to do!

Something like this happened to one of our clients. Luckily, their story has a much happier ending. Our client was facing some hard deadlines and one of their databases stopped functioning properly. One of their employees reached out to the database company for help. The support team walked the employee through a series of steps that made the situation much worse because neither the employee nor the support team were aware of specific technical details regarding the client’s server. Our client reached out to us and, unlike most other IT companies, we jumped in and owned the problem. We contacted the database company’s support team directly and worked closely with them to repair the database without further incident.

In another instance, one of our clients had an internet outage after their internet service provider sent out a technician to remove a television. This client has a requirement to have internet access or they lose $5,000. The technician insisted that removal of the television could not have caused the outage. Because our client has a monitoring contract with us, we identified precisely when the internet stopped working and found evidence to prove that the technician was responsible. Additionally, our skills and experience working with internet service providers helped get us past the first line of help desk support to speak directly with the people who could fix our client’s situation. By doing so, we got the technician returned to our client’s site and he restored their internet access before they lost $5,000.

Our technology assessments have also shown to save our clients a great deal of time and money. We had a client whose employees were having a hard time accessing the server and internet. The client had already purchased new equipment, their costs were mounting, and employee frustration was increasing. Worried about losing people, clients, and more money, they called us. We evaluated their entire network – identifying wiring, equipment, and running diagnostics on all components. We provided the client with a detailed analysis. Our findings included a computer containing a bad network card. We replaced the network card and provided new equipment which will automatically shut down problem cards in the future, preserving their network speed.

Don’t let your company fall victim to these issues. Give us a call for a free 30-minute consultation so we can learn about your company and show you what it is we can do to help you. We strive to improve the security and reliability of your technology so you can focus on your business.

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