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Security Strategy

Layered Approach to Security

A door isn’t always enough to keep people out, so we create locks. Locks can be broken, so we create security systems. Just because we have a security system, doesn’t mean we don’t have a door. Each component works with the others to help guarantee security. It’s all part of a layered approach that helps keep us safe.

When so much of our business is connected to the computer; even just a laptop can be the unlocked door for strangers to enter our business. You can’t afford to have that little protection, so here’s some layers to consider in your security strategy.

Starts With The Computer User

Today, the majority of attacks come through employees. Opening a malicious email, using a strange flash drive in their computer, even browsing an apparantly innocent website can wreak havoc. Some simple tips about suspicious email, proper file usage and even a internet usage policy can save thousands of dollars. Training should be a part of an organization’s strategy against accidental infection and costly recovery. Quarterly reminders and a short annual class can work wonders.

Updates, Patching, and Upgrades

The second most exploited avenue of cyber crime are poorly maintained and updated computers. Windows XP still enjoys a great deal of usage in the business world despite its vulnerabilities. It’s only a matter of when the attack will hit and how bad the damage will be. Keeping computers updated with the most recent secure software, and getting manufacturer security updates is critical to keeping your business safe.

Network Firewall & Routing

We’ve noticed a number of businesses relying on the equipment provided by the internet service provider to secure their network. The fact is, this equipment is poorly designed for the kind of security a business needs. In fact, the equipment itself can be exploited to allow open access to all the computers, servers and other devices on your local network. A proper firewall/routing device which guards the perimeter of your network is an excellent investment.

Email Filtering

The latest Ransomware threats are coming in via email, and these threats change daily. When you have your own email server in your business, you have to ensure that it is constantly updated to filter these malicious messages. Spam is a frequent carrier of these threats.

Your email server also needs an antivirus component which hunts for and removes these attachments. It is too easy for a user to open a document which leads to the destruction of all your data. Some rely on workstation security to protect them, but filtering has to occur at the source. Workstations are too easily compromised.

Replacing your server with today’s cloud mail services is more affordable than ever and they have teams of security specialists monitoring and upgrading your filters constantly.

Workstation Antivirus/Antimalware

One complaint about robust anti-everything products is that they slow down the computer. While it is true that has been the case in the past with some mainstream products, there are others that not only perform well but have won awards for excellent antivirus & antimalware protection. Also, centrally-managed products can improve performance greatly when the processes you need to keep the computer safe run when your computer is most idle rather than when you’re trying to use it.

Web Filtering

In the past we used web filtering to avoid going to unproductive websites. Today’s filters are even more intelligent and prevent people from going to infected or dangerous websites and other malicious threats. Some of the latest ransomware comes in pieces, and when assembled form the malicious software. A good web filter can recognize when the computer is trying to download these pieces and stop the attack in its tracks.

Layered Security in One Place

Our Managed Services Program combines these features into a program that has one monthly payment that does not increase with service calls. A flat monthly rate per device covered gets you the protection against a catastrophic hit to your business, and the hit to your pocketbook to get it all fixed.

  • Telephone & Email Help Desk Support
  • On-Site Support
  • Computer & Software Proactive Updates & Patches
  • Network & Server Monitoring
  • Regular Device Maintenance
  • Email Hosting with Threat Filtering
  • Centrally Managed & Monitored Antivirus/Anti-malware for Computers & Servers
  • Web Filtering
  • Security Training Programs

Call us today 253-565-0138 to learn if your business qualifies for this comprehensive solution.

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